Invited Speaker

Prof. Wenwu Wang,  University of Surrey, UK

Wenwu Wang is a Professor in Signal Processing and Machine Learning, and a Co-Director of the Machine Audition Lab within the Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing, University of Surrey, UK. He is also an AI Fellow at the Surrey Institute for People Centred Artificial Intelligence. His current research interests include signal processing, machine learning and perception, artificial intelligence, machine audition (listening), and statistical anomaly detection. He has (co)-authored over 300 papers in these areas. He has been involved as Principal or Co-Investigator in more than 30 research projects, funded by UK and EU research councils, and industry (e.g. BBC, NPL, Samsung, Tencent, Huawei, Saab, Atlas, and Kaon). He is a (co-)author or (co-)recipient of over 15 awards including the 2022 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award, ICAUS 2021 Best Paper Award, DCASE 2020 Judge’s Award, DCASE 2019 and 2020 Reproducible System Award, LVA/ICA 2018 Best Student Paper Award, FSDM 2016 Best Oral Presentation, and Dstl Challenge 2012 Best Solution Award. He is an Associate Editor (2020-2025) for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, an Associate Editor (2022-) for (Nature) Scientific Report, and a Specialty Editor (2021-) in Chief of Frontier in Signal Processing. He was a Senior Area Editor (2019-2023) and Associate Editor (2014-2028) for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. He is a Board Member (2023-2024) of IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Technical Directions Board, the elected Chair (2023-2024) of IEEE SPS Machine Learning for Signal Processing Technical Committee, the Vice Chair (2022-2024) of the EURASIP Technical Area Committee on Acoustic Speech and Music Signal Processing, an elected Member (2022-2024) of the IEEE SPS Signal Processing Theory and Methods Technical Committee, and an elected Member (2019-) of the International Steering Committee of Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation. He was a Satellite Workshop Co-Chair for INTERSPEECH 2022, a Publication Co-Chair for IEEE ICASSP 2019, Local Arrangement Co-Chair of IEEE MLSP 2013, and Publicity Co-Chair of IEEE SSP 2009. He is a Satellite Workshop Co-Chair for IEEE ICASSP 2024.