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South Korean capital city Seoul, not only Korea political, economic, cultural and educational center, but also the national by land, sea and air transport hub. Seoul is the world's 10th largest city, This city with wonderful way to blend the ancient and modern culture. Spirited crowd , the stunning natural landscape, long history and culture. Seoul everywhere have exciting scene, whether it is elegant and splendid palace ruins, still immersed in the embrace of nature, the whole journey will leave visitors a vivid impression and novel experience.

Lotte World is an entertainment in downtown, it have thrilling entertainment facilities, ice-skating rink, a variety of performances, folk museum, in addition you can also take a walk along the lake. Of visitors come here each year up to more than 600 million people, including foreign tourists accounted for 10%. Originality of natural sunlight, making it can receive the traveller every day.

N Seoul Tower in Seoul, Nanshan, 236.7 meters high, was built in 1975, It’s a famous tourist spot where the best attractions to enjoy the night view of Seoul an is also a symbol of Seoul. From 7:00 to 12:00, there are six searchlights in the sky spell out the pattern of flowers in full bloom. And the famous Teddy's home is also located in the Nanshan, next to Seoul Tower.

Everland is a Theme parks in the outskirts of Seoul. Everland is made of Festival World, Caribbean Bay and Speedway three parts. The Festival World have more than 40 kinds of recreational facilities and a comprehensive wildlife park, As different seasonal Festival World will conduct a series of celebration activities.And Caribbean Bay is an exotic waterpark..

Myeongdong is located in central Seoul, are Korea representative of the shopping street, it’s not only a simple shopping street, while banks and securities companies gathered in this. In Myeongdong, there also have many delicious food and fun things. Myeong-dong's most famous food is fried pork chop and sliced noodles. In addition, Myeong-dong have many beauty shops, theaters and other facilities for visitors. And the place you must visit is the Myeongdong church. Here is the first Catholic church in South Korea